(media relations)


A new wind in the communication of the largest residential developer in Slovakia was brought not only by a new internal marketing team, but also by cooperation with our agency. Despite the individual successes of the projects, the company was looking for a unified line of communication and identity.


For CRESCO REAL ESTATE, we had the task of covering complex external communication, not only for the brand, but also for their flagship project – Slnečnice in Bratislava’s Petržalka. The goal was clear, to increase the visibility of the developer’s brand and better connect it with its residential projects. And since we proved ourselves, another task was added to us. The client also entrusted us with community management on the social networks of several development projects.



During the first year, the core of our cooperation was the process setting of external communication, as well as the standardization of outputs towards target groups. Building CRESCO REAL ESTATE as a reliable respondent and expert for the mass media required prompt and interesting answers to media inquiries. Proactive brand communication was hampered mainly by ongoing internal processes aimed at defining the brand’s new identity and direction. On occasion, we also offered our professional consultation on this topic.

As part of ongoing tasks, we outlined a possible long-term cooperation with the third sector in the field of CSR, which would allow introducing and building a new corporate identity. We have also established several other partnerships, which have resulted in long-term cooperation generating continuous positive communication opportunities.


Thanks to the quality and consistency of communication with the media, journalists naturally became interested in us, media inquiries and offers for interviews increased. Better internal definition of positions as well as maintenance of FAQs led to faster and more consistent external communication.

Thorough preparation for regular meetings with representatives of owners and residents has brought a calmer and more rational course of meetings, where messages are clearly formulated and conveyed. This way, there are no misunderstandings or unnecessarily inappropriate discussions.

Ongoing communication with residents in the form of blogs, interviews and articles helped to avoid risky situations in connection with construction, deadlines, site equipment and more.

Community management, whose alpha and omega were not only arguments, but also correctly chosen language and tonality of answers, managed to more rationalize the discussions on social networks after a few months. Occasional non-constructive attacks have turned into dialogue, which leads not only to higher resident satisfaction, but also to a better overall perception of the client.